Beautiful words for all my girls 😘 ⭐️🌜night night🌛⭐️
My beautiful talent sister wrote and directed the most magical short film! Tonight she won Best Short Film and I couldn’t be more proud! It was only a few years back I was holding the same trophy so similar?? 😜😜 I know @oliviahosking you are destined for a bright creative future!!! Well done to the whole Jack and Jill team and all the other short films! You are in a very talented year and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them all! #lovehertobits #unreelfilmfestival #jackandjill #proudsistermoment

The greater the love the greater the loss

I don’t want to give up

You don’t always get what you want.

I loved you more then anyone in this entire world.

"And when they ask you about me and you find yourself thinking back on all of our memories, i hope you ache in regret as the truth hits you like a bullet and you find yourself replying: “she loved me more than anyone else in the entire world and I destroyed her.”"
Ten words story: You would always kid around about becoming a murderer due to your burning passion for horror movies but baby, you may not realize it, but your first ever victim was none other than me. (via maisjetaime)

I just thought it was forever lasting

"There’s a reason girls change
their hair after a breakup, and
it has something to do with the
way blood can’t be scrubbed out
of carpet. It has something to do
with how the places where
terrible things happen all have
shrines built on them. It has
something to do with the way
you see the ghost of them
everywhere, even looking at
yourself in the mirror."
Rebeka Anne, needing one thing that you haven’t touched. (via anneisrestless)
"the sad truth is -
no matter how hard
you try,
how much effort
you put in,
how many prayers,
crossed fingers
and bitten lips
you are willing
to give -
some people will just leave.

but here is another
truth for you -
after a while
it’s no longer sad,
it just is,
you carry on,
you smile,
you live." were never going to wait for me.  (via findingwordsforthoughts)

A blog for the heartbroken xx
"Isn’t it fucking terrifying that no matter how many promises they made, no matter how long you’ve been together, someone can get up and walk out of your life without a second thought and you have to carry on living because the world doesn’t stop for any of us"
"when two people love each other and can’t make it work, that’s the real tragedy."
Gone Girl (via catphotographs)

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